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Yolanda founded Gallery Horse after 35 years of experience in the equestrian world as a trainer, advisor, Sports Technician and National Dressage Judge.

A staunch entrepreneur, she realized the need for a professional firm to act as a broker for horses for sale in an honest way.

She is responsible for selecting the best horse for each of our clients. Her long experience as a Dressage Judge is the heart of the company.

Not all horses are suitable for all riders and from her hand you are guaranteed to choose among the best possibilities for you,


Young Horses Rider


Manuel is one of our most important additions to the team.

In his 13 years living in Germany, he has trained and acquired the expertise that makes him a great young horse trainer.

Young horse rider at Gestüt Lewitz with Paul Schockemöhle for 2 years.
2 years in the Netherlands training young horses for Team Nijhof.
In parallel working with breeders and their young horses.
2 years with Magdalena Post preparing dressage stallions, competing and preparing auction horses with very good results.

Actually working with the Westphalian Federation in charge of  auction horses, stallion tests and mare tests.
Horse lover, he has engaged his professional life totally focused on breeding and grooming young horses.

A brilliant mind, an always positive attitude and a horse lover !!




Raúl founded Gallery Horse by the hand of Yolanda, believing in the project and implementing all necessary tools to make te idea a reality.

He is the Financial Director and manages the technology area working together with the Digital Marketing team.

He has a long expertise in providing solutions at scale.

Big Data and product engineering and in alignment of business strategies with technological solutions to obtain incomes and increasing productivity



What is Gallery Horse?

Gallery Horse has the experience and reputation of selling the best Dressage horses worldwide.

Whether acting as Exclusive Representatives or Authorized Agents, we strive to provide our clients with the best suitable candidate, who meets the requirements.

Our horses are established in different countries (Germany, Holland, Spain. Portugal, etc ...). They are selected from breeders with their pedigree, conformation, ability and temperament, all of these values ​​are taken into account.

The purchasing process is very simple with Gallery Horse, we take care of the entire process, from research, veterinary testing, transportation, and quarantine. We can also take care of planning and accompaniment during the possible trip to visit the horses. You have on this same page a sample of our horses, although they are not all. If you do not find it, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our reputation speaks for itself with extensive experience of selling around the world, we can offer you your next partner !!!



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