About us




Yolanda founded Gallery Horse after 35 years of experience in the equestrian world as coach, advisor, sports coach and National Dressage Judge.

A staunch entrepreneur, she warned of the need for a modern platform for the horse sales market where buyers and sellers could connect directly in an easy and safe way. The idea for horses at affordable prices could reach the hands of potential buyers through an online tool was long in his head.

Since then Gallery Horse has grown as a point of publication of horses for sale by prestigious breeders, trainers, professional riders and amateurs in an international market.



Raúl founded Gallery Horse by the hand of Yolanda, believing in the project and putting all the necessary tools to make the idea a reality.

Raúl is the Financial Director and manages the organitazion of the technology area and works together with the digital marketing and development teams to promote the development and implementation of products that solve customer problems. Raúl has accumulated more than 30 years of experience in providing solutions at scale. He has a solid track record in leadership for companies through transformations related to the cloud, Big Data and product engineering, and in alignment of business strategies with technological solutions for obtaining income and increasing productivity. 


Sell ​​horses professionally and simply

Whether you are a breeder, breeder, trainer, professional rider or private seller, selling a horse at Gallery Horse will be very simple and effective. You will only have to follow a few simple steps to be present in the reference equestrian trading platform.

We have designed and put at your service a flow of information to facilitate the sharing between the different agents involved. Always, maintaining quality standards in the platform, that are up to the customers. You can also benefit from the digital marketing campaigns of our platform that will make your horse more visible both nationally and internationally. We will put at your disposal statistics of visits and the interest shown by your ad.

If you have more questions about how Gallery Horse works, you can watch our presentation video here.

Buy horses easy and fast

Still have not found the horse you're looking for?

Gallery Horse gives you the opportunity to find it. Thanks to advanced search filters that we have devised to facilitate navigability, you will find the horse you are looking for in a very short time.

The Gallery Horse platform allows you to filter by discipline, age, race, sex, height, layer, level, geolocation, you can even see the date of the latest radiological tests, veterinary examinations and genealogical chart. These filters, in addition to other elements that we incorporate into the web, are necessary for the best shopping experience. Because our platform, unlike others, is developed by people with decades of experience in the equestrian sector.

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