How to post an ad for a horse


    You have decided to sell your horse and your horse is ready for buyers to see it. Selling your horse at Gallery Horse can cost you only 24 € per month for an advert that is published on our platform, but before publishing your horse for sale, how can you make sure it will be attractive to buyers? 

    Simplicity is the key to writing an ad to sell a horse, so do not be tempted to skip essential information.

    By including more information in the ad, you are more likely to sell the horse at the first attempt. A good ad is more effective than having to advertise the horse twice, and you are likely to get fewer responses the second time. It gives better results to highlight your ad than to publish it several times.

    In addition to providing basic information about your horse, the ad should draw attention to anything that makes your horse sound special. The origins of a horse can attract the interest of buyers, so it is worth mentioning a famous horse that is in your letter of origin. The more complete the advertisement, the better results you will get, invest time in completing the maximum possible data: genealogical chart, photos, videos and all the fields that Gallery Horse puts at your disposal.

    The photographs and the video are very useful for the buyers and can avoid the loss of time, but it is important that they show the horse at its best. 
    Note: if you have professional photographs of your horse keep in mind that they can only be used with the permission of the photographer due to intellectual property laws, even if you have purchased the image for your personal use.



    Most buyers have a budget and many are disappointed if they are not given a price or told to request it. It does not make sense for someone to respond to your ad if they do not have the budget they ask for. Not giving a price will also exclude your ad from horse searches within a specific price range.

    To decide what price you can ask for your horse, consult other horses of similar characteristics advertised on the Internet. Keep in mind that most buyers will try to lower the price. Setting the price of horses too high is the most common reason why horses are not sold, so if you need a quick sale, do not be greedy! If you include the horse's kit, mention it in the advertisement.

    Remember to include the location at the end of the ad and, if you can, provide a landline number and a mobile phone number. An email address can also be a useful means of contact.

    Ask yourself, "Would I go see this horse?" If the answer is no, you must rethink the announcement.

    When you write the ad, check it carefully for spelling errors. 

    What to include in a horse sale ad

    The vital data that you should include in any advertisement include:

    • Height
    • Race
    • Sex
    • Years
    • Discipline
    • Level
    • Genealogical Chart
    • Description of your character 
    • Price
    • Telephone contact
    • Location of the horse

    You may also consider including the following information:

    • Color and brands, for example: footwear, running cord, star
    • Temperament, for example: excellent temperament, horse with spark, only for professionals, expert horse ...
    • Sports curriculum, for example: 1st place in the competition ...
    • Name of coach / rider if famous eg: compete with / trained by. . .
    • Origins if you have famous horse lines, for example: by Diamond Hill
    • Reason for sale, for example: change of horse
    • Veterinary status, for example: date of the last veterinary tests
    • Radiological tests, for example: date of the last radiological tests
    • Block vices, for example: no vices 



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